Newmarket School Banner hanging at the 2012 Lantern Festival.
Newmarket School was approached by Asia New Zealand to participate in the banner project.
Mrs KungI met with a group of children and informed them of the project.
The children were organized into groups to brainstorm their ideas of “40 Years of Friendship between China and New Zealand” and what this idea meant to them.
They all shared their ideas and it was amazing how each group had commonalities, such as:
Symbols like: The dragon, the Kiwi with gumboots on, national flowers, kiwi fruit, word and characters from the Olympic Games in China (Peace etc) – these ideas were all included in the banner.
The group all felt this best represented important aspects of both countries and how both countries were connected with commonalities such as(trade, symbols, learning from one another etc.
Then it was decided that the flowers were going to be on each end of the banner with the dragon running through the middle – with the tail swirling around into the shape of the koru (in green) and the words in Chinese characters with the translation in English.
The children worked with Mrs Kung and Mrs Harris on the banner over several days.